Distinguishing Amitay Consulting from other lobbying firms is the ability to quickly gain a substantive working knowledge of a client’s operations, services, products, and policy positions, and become a first party advocate for that client. Amitay Consulting provides comprehensive services and support to its clients including:

  • Monitoring congressional, federal, and legal activities, and gathering intelligence from sources inside and outside Congress and the Executive branch
  • Providing briefings and analysis to clients tailored not only to specific client interests but also to the client level of comprehension of the issues and processes
  • Facilitating client contact with key congressional and executive branch stakeholders and decision makers as well as identifying potential champions and creating opportunities for clients to testify at congressional hearings
  • Developing detailed client educational and advocacy material including white papers
  • Devising legislative and executive branch strategies, including identifying precedents where other entities have obtained similar desired results
  • Drafting congressional testimony and responses to federal agency requests for information
  • Working with congressional investigators and the Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Working with businesses, associations and professional organizations which share or support client objectives
  • Organizing client conferences and securing the participation of Members of Congress, Executive Branch officials as well as legal and policy experts